I’m so excited to share with you our 250k follower giveaway! I think this is an amazing giveaway, I want all of this stuff for myself! I was lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing people from Etsy and here on Tumblr and I really hope you enjoy all this! You should go thank all of these people who are involved in this giveaway for donating this stuff just for all of you! I highly recommend you read below, to know exactly what you’re getting! The numbers placed on the photo match up with the descriptions below:

  1. A free reading from a clairvoyant psychic and medium TheMysticalRose. She offers many different types of tarot readings and all those hundreds of questions that you ask me you should ask her!
  2. A beautiful 8.5 x 11 personalized constellation print that will be made to correspond with the winners zodiac sign from evajuliet.
  3. A gorgeous custom zodiac necklace that will feature the winners zodiac sign constellation from Juju Treasures. This necklace consists of antique brass metal cameo, bronze tone chain and a clear glass dome.
  4. A wonderful custom zodiac “bender element bracelet” aluminum cuff from darkerblue that will correspond with the winners element. 
  5. A beautiful zodiac candle from CrashinglyCute that will correspond with the winners sign. These candles come with cute charms and are made fresh with natural essential oils and cotton wicks.
  6. An absolutely beautiful dreamcatcher that’s made to order to correspond with the winners sign from DestarteWeavingCrystal.
  7. One dozen french macarons in assorted flavors from LeBonbonLAThese yummy macarons are custom made in the French tradition.
  8. A yummy smelling, 8oz soy candle from KrazyLadyCandlesThe winner gets to choose the scent of their candle and this candle is made using 100% soy wax and lead free wicks.
  9. Pick and choose anything for $25USD or less from Neesie DesignsShe creates gorgeous accessories such as headbands, crowns, and barrettes. (Check out my favorite!)
  10. Some awesome, handcrafted earrings from lovesexton, that you can choose! ($24.8USD or less). I have a pair of these earrings and I absolutely love them!
  11. Some hot arm candy from TheAverageBlonde. These bracelets are made with gold chain and craft lace. Mix and match them to go with anything! Check her out on Tumblr
  12. Three solo promos right here on Zodiacchic. 
  13. A $25 gift card to Pacsun from good friend and Tumblr blogger Neurolove. He posts studying tips and things about psych and is a very good friend! The gift card will be shipped and can be used online or in store. 
  14. Mystery gift. This will not be given out under any circumstances. Not even when the winner is chosen! The only time when the mystery gift will be revealed is when the winner receives their gifts.
Please go check out these shops. I carefully chose these shops and I’m so honored that they wanted to take part in this and to do this for me and for you guys!

  1. You must be following Zodiacchic on Tumblr to be eligible for this giveaway.
  2. You can reblog up to 5 times. I will check and if I find you have reblogged this more than five times, automatic disqualification.
  3. Likes will not count as an entry.
  4. This is a worldwide giveaway!
  5. No creating any new blogs to get more entries.
  6. IF YOU WIN: You will get a message from user ask-zodiacchic. If you do not reply within 48 hours, a new winner will be picked. You need to be comfortable with telling me your full name, address, zodiac sign, and email address. You will be receiving parts of your prize from different locations. Some of the items will come from me but others will come from the shop who has the item itself (such as the macarons, for maximum freshness). 
This giveaway will end September 15th, 2012 and a winner will be picked using a random number generator.

Good luck! If you have any questions on this giveaway please ask here if anonymous. Ask here for a private response.

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